Seawork 2016

January 1st, 2016

Seawork the UK’s largest Commercial Marine Show has moved to a new venue in Southampton.

Having outgrown their home for 20 years they are from 2016 moving to Navigator Park, as most know this venue as the location for the Southampton Boat Show.

More info at

We ran a combined stand for several companies under the Dorset Marine Network banner, looking at the show now in its new location we are considering doing this again.

So if you would be interested in exhibiting on a shared managed stand for around £1,000- 1500.00 +VAT  (budget figures at this stage only) e-mail to express your interest at this stage.

If there is sufficient numbers  we will work exact costs and the package we can offer and go from there.





January 27th, 2015

Currently  we are moving all our hosting to a new provider, this is in responce to the many hacking attempts we have seen and mostly fought off – but if they can get into the us military our defence has been excellent. But not content we are moving to an even stronger secure situation.

We are also rebuilding our great WPMD – always been a dificult job to do as we and many others see nothing wrong with it and providing YOU tell us any changes it is a brilliant resource for the information it provides and the amount of enquiries it generates.

Anything you would like to see added – mail with your suggestions and any updates to your record or fill in the appliction form if you are eligable and not yet in.